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Who We Are

We Love Trees was founded in November 2007 in Wimberley, Texas, by Jon Long, Certified Arborist TX-3592A. The name We Love Trees was selected to explain our company's desire to operate for the love of the tree not the love of the dollar. We understand that tree protocols must be based upon sound science with professionalism and not a slick salesman offering a witch's brew for oak wilt disease or a so called tree man committing tree malpractice.

We Love Trees is based from 571 Carney Lane, Wimberley, Texas, where we have a 2.44 acre yard that houses our office, storage barns and equipment.

Certified Arborist Jon Long founded another one of Texas's very strong oak wilt companies in 1998. He was the company president until January 28,2004. Under Mr. Long's supervision, for the first time in Texas history, a tree injection protocol was merged with a heavy equipment root trenching protocol in the same one-stop shop. For five years, Mr. Long ran one of Texas's premier oak wilt protocol companies. Mr. Long watched his company perform successful Alamo tree injections on thousands of trees and he installed miles and miles of trench lines that are still holding today. Under his supervision, numerous neighborhood organizations, and needy senior citizens received pro bono oak wilt services or equipment. This oak wilt company is still operating successfully today.

From January 28, 2004 to April 1, 2008 Mr. Long founded and supervised Cedar Removal Specialists based in Wimberley, Texas. He changed the way land was being cleared in the Wimberley Valley. Mr. Long focused on low impact cedar removal which resulted in a park-like finish. During this time, Mr. Long had the opportunity to give back to his community numerous times such as helping several of the local churches with tree care needs or clearing a home site for Habitat for Humanity in 2008. Mr. Long helped raise the professional standard for arborists in Wimberley, Texas. The company is still operating successfully today.