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Root Trenching

The Texas Forest Service recommends trench depth of 48 inches in most soil types. Based upon their current research root trenching is successful 78 percent of the time.

Since 1998 I have installed hundreds of miles of trenching at depths 52, 60 in rock and up to 9 feet in bottom land soils. I have installed both rural ranch trenches and urban complex trenches like my urban projects located in the City of Lakeway and City of Hollywood Park Texas.

What we offer is the best guaranteed trench line in Texas.

We cut rock at a minimum depth of 54 inches and soft soils from 54 inches until the point of deep depth needed.

We cut deeper than the Texas Forest Service recommendations.

We guarantee our work against failure in most cases.

Our prices are very reasonable.

Please check out OakWiltTrench.com or contact us for more details.

Jon S. Long
Certified Arborist 3592a
Texas Oak Wilt Certified 0140